Best Book, Oklahoma History, Oklahoma Historical Society

This narrative history of the Caddo Indians creates a vivid picture of daily life in the Caddo Nation. Using archaeological data, oral histories, and descriptions by explorers and settlers, Cecile Carter introduces impressive Caddo leaders past and present. The book provides observations, stories, and vignettes on twentieth-century Caddos and invites the reader to recognize the strengths, rooted in ancient culture, that have enabled the Caddos to survive epidemics, enemy attacks, and displacement from their original homelands in Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

About The Author

Cecile Elkins Carter is Cultural Liaison for the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma.

Book Information
15 b&w illus, 9 maps
432 Pages
Paperback 978-0-8061-3318-8
Published October 1995