Clash of Arms
How the Allies Won in Normandy
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Clash of Arms examines how the Western Allies learned—on the battlefield—to defeat the Nazi war machine. Beginning with an investigation of the interwar neglect that left the Allied militaries incapable of defeating Nazi aggression at the start of World War II, Russell A. Hart analyzes the methods the Allies used to improve their military effectiveness. He also explores the continuous German adaptation that prolonged the war and increased the price of eventual Allied victory. Central to his comparative study is the complex interplay of personalities, military culture, and wartime realities that determined how accurately the combatants learned the lessons of war and how effectively they enhanced their battle capabilities.


About The Author

Russell A. Hart is Associate Professor and specialist in modern military history at Hawai'i Pacific University and coauthor of German Tanks of WWII; Weapons and Fighting Tactics of the Waffen-SS; Panzer: The Illustrated History of Germany's Armored Forces in WWII;The German Soldier in World War II; and The Second World War, Part Six: Northwest Europe, 1944-1945.

Book Information
12 b&w illus., 4 maps
488 Pages
Paperback 978-0-8061-3605-9
Published May 2004