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The University of Oklahoma Press welcomes book proposals or manuscripts in any of the fields of publication that constitute our list, about which see our mission statement below. If you have a proposed or completed manuscript you would like us to consider, it’s important to submit your proposal to the appropriate acquisitions editor . To find out what content your proposal needs to include, click on How to Submit a Proposal to download the instructions (in PDF form). If you’ve signed a contract to publish with the Press and wish to know what happens next, click on The Editing and Production Process: An Overview. Click on Guidelines for Authors to access instructions for preparing and submitting your manuscript to your editor for copyediting. The Illustration Guidelines link will take you to specifications you can share with museums, archives, artists, and cartographers to ensure you obtain and submit photos, sketches, maps, charts, line drawings, and other illustrations of the highest quality possible. For guidance in determining which illustrations and which text quotations require permission to be reproduced in your book, and how to obtain those permissions, click Securing Permissions.

Our Mission

The mission of the University of Oklahoma Press is to publish scholarly books of significance to the state, region, nation, and world, both to convey the results of current research to other scholars and to offer broader presentations for the general public.

Founded in 1928, the University of Oklahoma Press was the first university press established in the Southwest and the fourth founded in the western half of the nation. Over time the Press has grown from a staff of one to a team of more than thirty-five people who work in acquisitions, editing, design and production, marketing and sales, rights, distribution, accounting, and administration.

The University of Oklahoma Press is dedicated to publishing outstanding scholarly works by national and international scholars. The Press’s ongoing editorial goal is to maintain its preeminent position as a publisher of books about the West and American Indians and to expand its program in other scholarly disciplines, including archaeology, classical studies, language and literature (excluding unsolicited fiction and poetry), the natural sciences, political science, and women’s studies. Books published by the Press, including those in its series, have accumulated an impressive array of honors and awards.

Downloads for Authors
download our guide to submitting a proposal for publishing with the university of oklahoma press
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click to download guidelines for submitting for submitting your manuscript to your acquisitions editor for copyediting
click to download our our guidelines for submitting photos and illustrations
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